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B & B Speciality Co

B & B Speciality Co were established in Ohio (USA) 1946. Their first 3-wheeler was the Brogan that took its name from its designer and builder Frank Brogan whose first product was a beer pump. The Brogan evolved from a motor scooter and so is a small two-seater car with a 5ft wheel base and was less than 4ft high to the top of the windscreen. Powered by a 10hp engine the vehicle can reach 45 - 50mph at 65 - 70 mpg.  The vehicle was modified over the years and came in many different forms that included passenger car with a hard top and a light delivery truck with an open back that had a load carrying capacity of 500 pounds.

Along with the Brogan a Broganette was also manufactured that was classed as a motor-scooter. It had handle bar steering and was powered by a 3hp engine producing speeds of around 35 - 40mph at 85 mpg.  By 1951 the Broganette had completely changed and was now more car like with 2 wheels at the front and a 10 ft long body.  The engine was also up rated to a 10hp Onan engine. Production ceased in 1952.

The 1946 Brogan. (My thanks to Alden Jewell for sending in this picture)

The 1946 Broganette.  (My thanks to Alden Jewell for sending in this picture)

The 1951 Broganette (Deluxe). (My thanks to Alden Jewell for sending in this picture)

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