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B.R.A originally stood for Beribo Replica Automobiles and was established in the late 1970’s in the UK.  Before they produced 3-wheelers they produced kit forms for many cars of which they were most well known for their kit form of the Cobra replica . Breibo came from the names of the companies founders, John Berry and Peter Ibbotson. John Berry also produced a BRA CX3 Super Sports 3-wheeler that was a modern interpretation of the classic 1930’s 3-wheeler Morgan. 

In 1996 when Berry and Ibbotson retired David Wiles and James Mather brought the CX3  project  and along with the BRA name they continued to produce the CX3 under a new wave of promotion in Flintshire (UK). The CX3 is powered by either a Honda CX500 or CX650 water-cooled v-twin motorcycle engine which provides power to the single rear wheel by a shaft drive.  The body of the vehicle is made from aluminium alloy body panels that are attached to a 16swg steel tubing chassis. In the latter part of 1997 James Mather and David Wiles designed the BRA CV3 which when launched at the Stafford Kit Car Show in March 1998 became an instant success.

The CV3 is powered by the Citroen 2CV /Dyane flat twin air-cooled 600cc engine. Unlike the CX3 power is  provided to the front wheels.  The body is 16swg aluminium alloy sheet attached to a 16swg steel tubing chassis. The CV3 therefore is more of a touring machine when compared to its high reving CX3 counterpart.

In December 1999 BRA purchased the Leighton project from GCS Hawke.  After a number of modifications that included changed to the shape and cockpit size the Leighton was launched in March 2000.  Powered by a Citroen 2CV /Diane flat twin 602cc engine the Leighton has a moulded GRP body attached to a triangulated space frame that is also manufactured by BRA.

Since its launch in 1990 there have been approximately 60 CX3 kits manufactured, over 200 CV3 kits since its launch in 1998 and BRA inform me that the currently have orders for 13 Leighton kits to date.  Since the demise of Reliant it is now “rumoured” that BRA could be the largest producer of 3-wheeled cars in the UK and may well be the largest producer of classic styled 3-wheeled cars in the world.

BRA are also designing a Metro based MR3 that is hoped to commence production in 2001. In April 2001 the Moto Guzzi based MG3 was introduced with the first picture being shown on this web site. It is hoped the MG3 will be launched in 2002. In January 2002 the CV3 and the Leighton projects were sold to Martin Philpott of Kent (UK) who are now the new owners trading as the Leighton Motor Company.  In July 2002 the CX3 project was put up for sale.



BRA CX3. (My thanks to David Wiles for allowing me to use this image from the BRA web site  and for the information on this page)


BRA CV3 (My thanks to Chris Chamberlain for this photograph of his vehicle.)


BRA MR3. (From the BRA web site)

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