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Bajaj was founded in 1926 though it was in 1950 that the first Bajaj 3-wheeler appeared in India built under license from Piaggio / Vespa (Italy).  All vehicles were mechanically the same but featured many different bodies including taxis, vans and pick up trucks. In 1963 Bajaj took over the Tempo / Hanomoh range of 3-wheelers and added medium sized trucks to their range of light 3-wheelers.

In 1985 Bajaj joined forces with the Hindalco Aluminium company and designed a 3-wheeled enclosed car with an aluminium body.  High production cost however saw very few vehicles made.

Like the first vehicles, modern Bajajs still have many different body configurations from bare bones chassis, through rickshaws, to fully enclosed vans, with differing gross vehicle weights. The pressed steel chassis of the Bajaj has an electro deposited anti-rust base coat.

Power is supplied by both electric and 2 - 4-stroke ( 145cc - 416cc) propulsion systems. The combustion engines come in many configurations running on either gasoline, CNG, LPG, or diesel! Transmission is through a 4 speed (1 reverse) gearbox. Bajaj are set to manufacture this range in a number of other countries. They are imported all over the world including numerous places in the USA. The vehicles have passed some of the worlds most strictest emission standards and for the US market a number of improvements have been made including a full, laminated glass wraparound windshield, dual headlights, a fully hydraulic braking system and an anti-dive front end.


The Bajaj. (My thanks to William Dysinger for sending in this photo).


The Bajaj is one of few 3-wheelers that comes either as a bare drivable chassis (left) to a fully enclosed vehicle (right).

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