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Lucie: The vehicle

November  2008. Part 2 of 2.

Towards the end of November, Lucie was off to her third filming session, this time it was for the TV Drama “The Royal” that is set in 1969. The folks were looking for a 1950’s Regal van that wasn’t a girder fork type though 1950s Regal vans are in very short supply and the ones known about are off the road.  Whilst Lucie is a 1961 model, she is effectively the last model of the 1950s series with a wooden frame and side-valve engine and so as it seems she is the only known van of this type on the road I was asked if Lucie could be used. 

The van for filming though had to be very rough and dirty and as Lucie was a bit too clean and healthy looking, prior to filming she had a “dirty make over” which was good fun and certainly changed the character of the car.  She was quite a talking point parked in the street as folks walked past saying “that’s quite a relic” and “does it go”. I half expected a passing policeman to stop and look at convinced that it could not be road worthy.

During filming Lucie behaved very well and started whenever the actors needed to go.  One thing I have noticed though is that suddenly she seems to be using a lot of water. My first thoughts were the head gasket though the oil and water does not seem contaminated.  Whether she has sprouted a leak or not I do not know, I shall have to check.  Speed wise though she is running great and still able to climb hills at 30 - 40 mph.  In fact one lady from the cast or The Royal was rather amazed watching Lucie charge up a hill. Lucie really was a star with everyone asking questions about her.

A lot of people have suggested that I leave her with the dirty look as they seem to think that it really suits her.  I may leave her like that for a short while though I would like to repaint her eventually, though now I need to sort out why she is drinking so much water.

Elvis Payne.

November 2008

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Dirty Lucie with a door painted to look as though it is off another car and black oily finger prints around the door and bonnet.

Passenger side with more grime and a clean bit by the fuel filler cap from over filling with fuel.

Driver’s side and another coloured door..

Lucie on set of “The Royal”.


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