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Lucie: The vehicle

January. Part 1 of 1

With the battery fully charged and back in the vehicle, a quick tickle of the primer on the fuel pump saw Lucie burst into life again.  Throughout January she went on three trips around the town and being cold days she seemed to run very well.  That said I have been going through the workshop manual this month as in the next month or so I plan to take the engine out, a job I’ve been meaning to do for months,  I was quite surprised though to learn that unlike “modern” Reliants in side valve Regals the engine isn’t removed from underneath but lifted into the passenger foot well and removed via the passenger door.  Hopefully throughout February I will at last get the engine on the work bench.

Elvis Payne.

January 2012

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Lucie fresh from her first drive around the town in 2012.


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