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Lucie: The vehicle

December. Part 1 of 1

Last month as Lucie’s battery was dead, I decided to take it out and recharge it with the plan of getting it back in the car and going for a spin round the block,  That said Christmas popped up and an attempt to try and catch up with more updates on meant the battery remained on the workbench.

Lucie therefore found herself laden with empty boxes as large presents were unwrapped and the boxes placed in the garage out of the way.  She is not alone now though as my 10 month old son got a 3-wheeler ffor Christmas, a Smart Trike Premium, and so this is parked in front of Lucie.

The sharp eyed will also notice an extra door and the left hand side of the photo.  During December I visited Bournemouth (a 320 mile round trip) as there was a guy there who had a Regal Mk VI van many many years ago and whilst the van was long gone, in his garage he had a spare set of side doors and back doors.  They will therefore add to my spare parts collection.

Elvis Payne.

December 2011


The garage now has two 3-wheelers in it as my son got a Smart Trike for Christmas though Lucie has temporarily been a large shelf for empty boxes.

Lucie’s battery, now fully charged ... though still on the work bench.


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