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Lucie: The vehicle

July 2011. Part 1 of 1

At the beginning of July we headed over to Lichfield for the annual Cars in the Park classic car show which this year apparently head over 1,500 vehicles.  Despite the short distance from home (8 miles) we still took Lucie on the trailer and then unloaded  her in the outer field that was being used for cars and trailers. My wife Caroline with my son Harvey both jumped in and we drove Lucie across to the Reliant Owners Club stand.  It was Harvey’s first time in the Reliant (being a field and a short distance so no need for a car seat) though he didn’t seem too impressed with the amount of noise inside the vehicle. For the display I took along a number of plants and gardening tools that I used at the NEC Classic Car Show last year just to give Lucie more of a gardening van feel.

Also in July, despite filming taking place in November 2008, the episode of The Royal that features Lucie was finally shown in the UK (having already been shown in 3 other countries).  Lucie appeared on TV on July 24th at the end of the episode which showed a glimpse of what was on next week and again on July 31st in the actual episode.  The clip shown on July 24th was actually from the same scene but a different camera angle.

Click here to view the clip

July also saw a new caricature of Lucie drawn by Graham Hodgson who has been creating caricatures in the style of “Cars 2”, the new animated moved by Pixar.  As a result we got Cars 2 cariacatures of all our cars to hang in Harvey’s nursery.

Elvis Payne.

July 2011

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Lucie on display at Cars in the Park in Lichfield.

Me, my wife Caroline and my son Harvey who got his first trip in Lucie whilst at Cars in the Park at Lichfield.

Lucie in “Cars 2” style drawn by Graham Hodgson under the new name of Car2oonz.

Lucie in the an advert for  “The Royal” on July 24th at the end of episode 86.

Lucie in the TV Medical drama “The Royal” set in 1969.  Click image to play video to see scenes with Lucie.


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