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Lucie: The vehicle

May 2011. Part 1 of 1

Unfortunately life at the moment seems incredibly buy and so very little time is being spent with Lucie.  Sadly my dad was very ill and so we went to Cornwall for a few days and whilst he is still in hospital, he is better than he was.  In addition, the book I mentioned we had written last month has now been split and extended into two parts and so it was all hands to deck, to get Part 1 completed so that it could still be published on schedule.

That said, the end of the month was the 53rd Reliant Owners Club National rally and so whizzing round to the local farm to collect my trailer, Lucie was loaded and off to the show we went.  However, about an hour after unloading Lucie and taking her for a spin I got a call to say come home urgently as my dad had took a turn for the worst.  Shortly after loading up Lucie and heading for home I got another call to say my dad had died.

Elvis Payne.

May 2011

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Lucie on display at the 53rd Reliant Owners Club National Rally.


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