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Lucie: The vehicle

March 2011. Part 1 of 1

Last month I was working in Dubai so not a lot happened so I had great plans this month to do some work prior to the MOT next month.  Things however didn’t go as planned.  I was due to get married on 5th March though my new son had other ideas when he made an appearance six weeks early on ... the 5th March.  Therefore the wedding was postponed until the 12th March.  My son however was only 1.66kg (3lb 10oz) and so spent the next three weeks in the neonatal unit, my new wife who was also quite ill spent just over a week in hospital as well.  Many miles and hours were spent driving backwards and forwards and visiting, indeed our wedding day consisted of the ceremony and then straight to the hospital where we spent the whole day.

On top of that we had a new central heating system fitted so Lucie was ejected out of the garage for a couple of days.  I took her for a spin around the block but she wasn’t happy and was chugging so bad I came back fearing she was about to break down somewhere.

In addition I have been working on a new book with a co-author (details of which will be announced soon) and everything has to be completed ready for the publishers and so it was work, hospital, book and then sleep for about 4 hours and repeat!

So my apologies that this is yet another dull Lucie update but for me, its been a month with a new wife, new son ... and new central heating system!  :)

Elvis Payne.

March 2011

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Lucie being forced to live outside for a few days.

Me, my wife and new son - Harvey.


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