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Lucie: The vehicle

December 2009. Part 1 of 1

Whilst Lucie seemed happy last month, things seemed a lot different in December.  Temperatures will well below 0 degrees celcius though Lucie is stored in a fairly warm and dry garage.  There is a maisonette above the garage she is in and the heat from that tends to keep the garage at an ambient level.  That said I jumped into her in mid-December and she just wouldn’t start.  I primed the ful pump and check all connections and after about 9 attempts, I eventually got her started.  This is a stat contrast to last month when she started at the turn of a key after being dormant for a few weeks.

Once started, my girlfriend also jumped in and we took her  for a 12 mile round trip to my girlfriend’s parents and back.  On the way she was coughing and spluttering like mad as though she was missing and yet on a straight road still managed to cruise at 50 - 55mph.  (The usual cruising speed).

Ironically Lucie usually always has a tool box in the back though I had taken it out whilst after something else and not put it back in so at my girlfriend’s parent’s house could not do anything.  We stayed for a while and as it got dusk decided to head back as I did not fancy breaking down in the dark.  I was expecting her not to start but she started first time though still coughed and spluttered on the way home but with no noticeable power loss. Thankfully she got us all the way back to the garage.

I can only conclude that it must be something to do with the new HT leads I’ve fitted as before that she ran and started fine though the first journey after I fitted them seemed OK.  I shall have to check everything and if no better refit the old HT leads and see if she runs OK again.

Elvis Payne.  December 2009.

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Lucie at dusk


Despite misfiring, cruising at 50 mph down the A5 in Tamworth towards the M42.


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