Brütsch Rollera

Brütsch Rollera


Egon Brütsch built Four Cars for Display at the 1956 IFMA
(International Bicycle and Motorcycle Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany).

One of them was the Mopetta, another was a larger version called the ROLLERA, which had a larger bench seat and a 100cc motor.

In the summer of 1957, after attempting to generate interest at the IFMA, Brütsch loaded 2 "normal sized cars" with 3 Mopettas and a Rollera on the Roof and in the Trunk and drove around with his Secretary looking for someone who might be interested in producing them.

Only 8 units were ever produced (licensed in France) and only Four are known to survive today.

Ironically, while Egon Brütsch was one of the most influential and prolific microcar designers, his own marques only sold in very limited numbers.

This particular Rollera was part of the original collection in Canada and was restored
but then sold at Christies in 1997.
It was apparently purchased as a plaything for children
and it basically sat in a sandbox and deteriorated.

It has now come back after getting extensive restoration work
to attain the condition you see it in now.
Manufacturer: Societe Air Tourist, Paris France

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This was one of the vehicles sold at the Bruce Weiner Microcar Auction in February 2013. Website owner Harry Kraemer has all of the sale data from that auction in his Market Watch section of his Wheels & Wings site See link below for the data.

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1958 Brütsch Rollera

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