Evel Knievel Trike

Evel Knievel Trike


Evel Knievel Trike.

This is not an actual Evel Knievel trike, it is just something that someone purchased and painted it in Evel Knievel colors. Here is what Kelly Knievel had to say about this in an interview with Craig Fitzgerald. “Craig, this is just something someone made and painted it up. It never belonged to my Dad and it is an unauthorized use of Evel Knievel trademarks.”

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Evel Knievel trike

Click here to research Evel Knievel price history in the Market Watch section of Harry Kraemer's Wheels & Wings site Flymall.org

3-Wheelers.com owner Harry Kraemer, meet Laurel Rosenberg. Laurel worked with Evel in one of his movies featuring the Evel Knievel Strato Cycle (pictured below).

Laurel signed this picture for Harry to display in his motorcycle museum.


Here are some more pictures of Laurel.


Laurel joined the movie industry in 1974 working as an actress, crew member, stand-in, doing motorcycle stunts, and as a precision driver on such shows as Policewoman, Harry O, Police Story, Starsky and Hutch, Barnaby Jones, The Love Boat, The Rockford Files, Murder She Wrote, Simon and Simon, Knightrider, Trapper John, I Desire, Malibu, CHIPS, Back to the Future II, and more. With a love of cars and knowing her way around a set, Laurel got the idea and started "Laurel's Motion Picture Car Locators". Laurel has supplied 1000's of vehicles to TV shows and movies with happy car owners on the sets with their cars and then seeing their cars on TV or the big screen.

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Evel Knievel Trike

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