Bond Minicar Mark "C"

Bond Minicar Mark "C"


In January 1953, a considerably improved and modified model was introduced as the Mark "C". Teething troubles which had been apparent throughout Mark "A" and Mark "B" production had now been overcome, although there were still improvements to follow.

The Bond Minicar Mark "C" had a completely restyled body; independent suspension with the rear wheels mounted on a trailing arm and attached to Flexitor units, which incorporate a central spindle with bonded rubber in tension; three-wheel brakes; and a completely new engine mounting and suspension at the front, the suspension being by trailing arm and coil spring controlled by a hydraulic shock absorber. Worm-and-sector steering also replaced the earlier rack-and-pinion design to give a 90' lock in either direction, literally enabling the car to be turned round in its own diagonal length.

The earlier Mark "C" models retained the Villiers 6E engine but, in July 1953, this was replaced by Villiers 8E of the same capacity (but a later development). At the same time a new method of chain adjustment was introduced and some other minor changes incorporated. The facia panel, for example, now extended the full width of the car and eliminated the glove pocket, for which was substituted a handle grip to assist passenger entry and exit, and a manufacturer’s badge. Both the 2-seater and 4-seater were fitted with a hood as standard, although a moulded fibreglass hardtop was subsequently made available for "saloon" conversion. On some models fibreglass construction was also used for the rear wings and bonnet top, although the latter feature was not continued.

Basic model designation continued, as the standard model with hand (pull) starting and, in the "De Luxe", with electric starter motor. A truck version was also produced in limited numbers.

Manufacturer: Sharp's Commercials, Preston, Lanes England

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This was one of the vehicles sold at the Bruce Weiner Microcar Auction in February 2013. Website owner Harry Kraemer has all of the sale data from that auction in his Market Watch section of his Wheels & Wings site See link below for the data.

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1953 Bond Minicar Mark "C"

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