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The Reliant TW9 / Ant  (1967 - 1986)

Along with the Reliant Regal, Reliant also developed another 3-wheeler for export to Greece and other Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries. For a number of years Reliant had been exporting a Regal type pickup which was essentially just a Regal van cab on an elongated chassis with the rear of the chassis being left bare so that it could be built up overseas. The success of this was such that in 1967 a new pick up type vehicle arrived in the shape of the Reliant TW9 with a cab that was designed by Ogle.

The TW9 was initially designed for overseas use but due to its versatility also found an English market. The vehicle had a one piece fibreglass cab and a range of bodies ranging from a tip up van to a snow plough. It was powered by a 700 cc alloy engine and whilst the overseas vehicles had a carrying capacity of 10 cwt, British models were sold with a 16 cwt weight capacity. In 1978 the TW9 The Ant continued to be made until 1986 and was also produced under licence by the Mebea Company in Greece and from 1978, BTB Engineering in the UK under the name of the Ant.

Reliant Regal pick ups

1976 Reliant TW9


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