Welcome to the new 3-wheelers.com!

You will start to see a lot of new features added to the site. Some of the features/links will be run from our Wheels & Wings site and Flymall.org.

This website was started in July 2000 by Elvis Payne. In 2021, it was purchased by 3 wheeler owner and enthusiast Harry Kraemer. Harry has a collection of over 90 motorcycles and bicycles, and over half of the collection is 3 wheel vehicles.

This site is one of the foremost references for 3 wheelers of all types. 3-Wheelers.com will routinely get 40,000 to 50,000 hits each month.

Our A to Z list is one of the most complete listings of 3 wheelers online. The A to Z list includes motorcycles, cars, bicycles, tractors, flying cars, solar powered vehicles, amphibious vehicles, ATVs, and much more. And our Market Watch is the best resource for 3 wheeler price information in an easy to use searchable database. The site also includes a Tech Tip section with 100s of tech tips.