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9th Reliant Gathering

Tamworth Heritage Weekend, Tamworth, Staffs. UK (14th September 2014)

To celebrate Tamworth's history, for the last few years the second weekend in September has been a Heritage Weekend displaying Tamworth’s rich history.  Last year we were on the  Aldergate Car Park in the town center directly opposite the Tamworth Information Center and Assembly Rooms.  As 2014 is the 50th anniversary of Tom Williams’ death (The founder of Reliant) the event was moved back to St.Editha’s Church Square as this was actually the birth place of Tom Williams in 1890.  He was born at 32 Church Street which was knocked down in 1967 though is now where the Reliant Gathering is held.  Unfortunately for the first time since I have been organising the Reliant Gathering I was not able to attend it this year as it double booked with a holiday we had booked in Spain. My brother Geoff therefore took over the helm on the day ensuring that all ran smoothly..

Although the number of vehicles dropped again this year to 36 there was a good variety of vehicles on display with at least one vehicle from each decade of Reliant production.  The complete list of vehicles was as follows:

1935  7cwt Pick up.  Geoff Payne

1949  8cwt van  Black Country Living Museum - On loan to Geoff Payne

1959 Regal Mk V - Steve White

1969 Rebel - Kerry Croxton
1969 Regal / Supervan - Steve Denton
1969 Scimitar GTE - Dave Poole

1970 Scimitar - Bob Coles
1971 Regal - David Wharmby
1973 Rebel - Simon Hodges
1973 Regal 3/30 - Melvin Turpin
1974 Robin 750 - Geoff Payne
1974 Scimitar - Pete Stocks
1976 Kitten DL - John Pearce
1977 Kitten van - Steve Casey
1977 Kitten van - Azzy Hemsley
1977 Kitten DL - Kirsty Payne
1977 Kitten van - Adam Turpin
1977 Kitten DL - Geoffrey Ward
1978 Kitten van - Tony Wiese
1979 Scimitar - Brian Kenyon

1981 Kitten DL - Michael Rowley
1984 Fox Tandy - Keith Gittus
1984 Fox Tandy - Syd and Steve
1984 Fox Tandy - Duncan Bradford
1985 Fox - Mick Rowley
1985 Fox Tandy - James Holland
1987 Scimitar SS1 - Roy Small
1987 Rialto - Garry Gregory
1989 Scimitar SS1 - Mark Cropper

1991 Rialto - Brian Gordon
1992 Robin LX - Colin Scholey
1992 Robin LX - Simon Drake
1995 Robin Royale - Antony Snow
1996 Robin LX - Steven Carrol

2000 Robin SLX - Terry O'Keeffe
2002 Robin BN1 - Peter Huggins

My sincere thanks goes to everyone for coming along. Thank you.

Thanks also go to:
My brother, Geoff Payne, Big Daddy & Micromma (Steve & Janet White) for again organising the camping for those wishing to make a long weekend of it, the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley for again lending us the 1949 Reliant 8 cwt van for the day.  A big thank you also goes to the person who provided a donation for buying this years rally plaques, to Kerry Croxton for all the photos and to Tamworth Borough Council and the Tamworth Information Centre for giving us the opportunity to put on this display.

My apologies if I have forgotten anyone.

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Set 1: 1 - 12

Set 2: 13 - 24

Set 3: 25 - 37

All change for the 10th Reliant Gathering

In 2015 the Reliant Gathering will be changing as it will no longer be a 3-wheelers.com event run by myself.  After 9 years, I am stepping down and the event has now been passed over to the Reliant Owners Club (ROC) and so will probably be organised by my brother on behalf of the ROC. My brother has promised an update for the 10th Reliant Gathering in 2015 and so this web site will detail all vehicles from the first 10 years of the event.  I would like therefore to thank everyone for their support over the years which has seen Reliants of every size and shape and created some truly unforgettable memories.  It is hoped that in 2015 to put together a small book that will detail the first 10 years of the event and include images of every vehicle that has attended.

Elvis Payne. September 2014


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