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8th Reliant Gathering

Tamworth Heritage Weekend, Tamworth, Staffs. UK (15th September 2013)

To celebrate Tamworth's history, for the last few years the second weekend in September has been a Heritage Weekend displaying Tamworth’s rich history.  Last year it was the first weekend in September though this year it returned to being the second weekend again.  For the last few years we have been blessed with sunshine for the day though this year was forecast rain and strong winds. Despite the dismal forecast we still had a superb turnout with 48 vehicles on display.

This year we were again one on the Aldergate Car Park in the town center directly opposite the Tamworth Information Center and Assembly Rooms though like last year a number of other vehicles shared the car park as not only had a number of vehicles been left in there over night it had also not been blocked off.  Perhaps the strangest thing for me was not having a Reliant.   I’ve had a number of Reliants on show over the years since the Reliant Gathering started though having sold them all it was a bit strange walking to to event rather than driving on 3-wheels.

This year we almost got a vehicle from every decade of Reliant’s history.  For the 1930s we again had my brother’s (Geoff) 1935 Reliant styled on the original prototype created by Tom Williams in 1934.  For the 1940s the Black Country Living museum in Dudley again kindly allowed us to borrow their 1949 Reliant 8cwt van.  Unfortunately there was nothing from the 1950s this year and the 1960s were supported by Richard Morley’s 1963 Reliant Regal 3/25 (which is the first time we have had a 3/25 model with the slatted front at the display) along with John Nuttings 1968 Scimitar GTE and Dave Poole’s 1969 Scimitar GTE.  It was Dave Poole’s Scimitar that appeared on the plaques this year.

The 1970s were well represented with a pristine 1971 Reliant Regal 21E saloon owned by Lance Pedwell and a Supervan III of the same year owned by David Wharmby.

The 1980s is always well represented and this year was no different with a number of Robins, Rialtos, Fox Tandy Campers and for the first time at the event a Steven’s Cipher owned by Simon Fitch.  The 1990s saw a number of Robins whilst the 2000s also saw the latest vehicle to ever attend the show in the form of James Holland’s 2002 Reliant Robin BN1.

Unfortunately on the day both my son and I were suffering with man flu and by about 1:30pm this had got the better of us and so we decided to leave early and get our son back in the warm.  My brother Geoff was still on hand to keep an eye on things and I’m told despite a downpour after I left, everything went well.

The complete list of vehicles was as follows:


1935  7cwt Pick up  Geoff Payne


1949  8cwt van  Geoff Payne

1963  Regal 3/25  Richard Morley
1967  Rebel -  “Waterboost”
1968  Scimitar GTE SE4  John Nutting
1969  Scimitar GTE  Dave Poole

1971  Regal 21E  Lance Pedwell
1971  Regal Supervan III  David Wharmby
1973  Rebel 750  Simon Hodges
1975  Reliant based Trike  Ian & Teresa Gibson
1975  Kitten  John Pearce
1976  Scimitar GTE  Martin North
1976  Robin  Dean Woods
1977  Kitten  DL  Garry Gregory
1977  Kitten  Simon Fitch
1977  Robin  Darren Butler
1977  Kitten  Geoffrey Ward
1977  Kitten  Kirsty Payne
1977  Kitten  Stephen Baker

1980  Robin Super 850  Maggie Stone
1981  Steven's Cipher  Simon Fitch
1981  Kitten DL  Mike Rowley
1981  Robin 850  John & Helena White
1983  Rialto  Heather Shortridge & Dan Lance
1984  Rialto 2  James Holland / Malcolm Norris
1984  Fox  Mick Rowley
1984  Scimitar SS1  Andy King
1985  Fox Tandy Camper  Duncan Bradford
1985  Fox Tandy Camper  Keith Gittus
1985  Fox Tandy Camper  Kerry Croxton
1985  Rialto 2 van  Anthony Scholey
1985  Rialto 2 GLS Estate  Phil Ade
1985  Scimitar GTE 6B  Brain Calvert
1986  Rialto  Darren Woods
1987  Scimitar 1800ti  Roy Smallwood
1987  Rilato SE  Mark Cropper
1988  Scimitar SS1  Lee Dyble
1988  Scimitar SS1  Dave ??? no 43
1988  Rialto  Dean Smithson
1988  Rialto SE  Aaron Hemsley
1988  Rilato SE  Andy Hart

1994  Robin SLX  Chris Adey
1994  Robin II  Phil Cornish
1997  Robin  Steve Cardall
1998  Robin Royale  Tony Snow
1999  Robin BRG  Sue Cropper

2000  Robin SLX Mk III  Terry O'Keeffe
2002  Robin BN1  James Holland

This year we also had a non-Reliant guest arrive in the form of a MGB.

1967  MGB GT  Pete Dyble

Click on a title to see that group of pictures

Set 1 : 1 - 12

Set 2 : 13 - 24

Set 3 : 25 - 36

Set 4 : 37 - 49

My sincere thanks goes to everyone for coming along. Thank you. We hope to see you again in 2014.  The location for the 9th Reliant Gathering has been preliminary stated that we will be back on St Editha’s Church Square again.

Thanks also go to:

My wife Caroline, my brother, Geoff Payne, Big Daddy & Micromma (Steve & Janet White) along with James Holland for again organising the camping for those wishing to make a long weekend of it, the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley for again lending us the 1949 Reliant 8 cwt van for the day,  A big thank you also goes to Simons BBC Power spark for sponsoring this years rally plaque and to Tamworth Borough Council and the Tamworth Information Centre for giving us the opportunity to put on this display.

My apologies if I have forgotten anyone.

Elvis Payne. September 2013


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