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Fuldamobil (Also known as The Nobel, The Attica, The Bambi and the Hans Vahaar)

The Fuldamobil first appeared in 1950 in Germany. The original vehicles had an aluminium paneled body fixed onto a wooden frame but as steel became easier to get hold of later versions featured an all steel body. The Fuldamobil's rear wheel was powered by a number of engines ranging from a 200cc up to a 360cc Sachs engine.

The Fuldamobil was built under license in many countries including the UK, Greece, India and Chile and was known as The Nobel (UK), The Attica (Greece), The Bambi (India) and the Hans Vahaar (Chile). From 1956 the vehicle was also available as a 4-wheeled car. In the UK The Nobel was financed by Cyril Lord and had a chassis that was built by Harland & Wolf , Belfast (They also built the Titanic) unlike the original Fuldamobils it had a fibreglass body courtesy of the Bristol Aeroplane company.

The Nobel was powered by a Sachs 191cc two stroke engine driving the rear wheel which gave a top speed of approximately 50-55mph with 60mpg. Nobels were produced from 1959 to 1961 and approximately only 20 or 30 vehicles are known to have survived.

The Nobeletta, a beach vehicle was also built on the Nobel chassis in Germany.


The Fuldamobil. (My thanks to Chris VanRooy for sending in this picture)

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