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Aerial view of the Reliant Factory

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Road over lay of Scimitar Park Estate onto Reliant Factory (Two Gates site)

Hybrid view shown on Microsoft Live Search Maps web site in 2007. From this map you can see that the road into Scimitar Park Estate is in the same place the original entrance into the Reliant factory was. When I drove around this estate I could not believe how big it was as I did not recall the Reliant factory being that big. Looking at Fox Close explains a lot. The estate has also been built on land that wasn’t built on before.

Whilst the roads have been named after Reliant cars on the one side of Watling Street, on the other side they are named after famous Tamworth people, (Ie: Grazier Avenue after Colin Grazier, a sailor who gave his life in the Second World War diving into the sea to retrieve a German Enigma code from a sinking submarine.


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